Nurture Capital to nurture minds.

Masawa invests in European startups catalyzing mental health and wellness.

Our Nurture Capital approach minimizes risk, enhances founder wellbeing, repurposes capital, and optimizes financial and social returns.

Mental health matters.

It’s time to act.

  • 1 in 5 people will develop a mental health condition. Millions more struggle.
  • Loneliness is rising, especially among youth.
  • Mental ill-health costs the EU €630B annually, exceeding cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, combined.
  • Unwell workforces see more turnover, absenteeism and disengagement. Ignoring mental health wastes capital.
  • Founders face 2-3x higher rates of depression and substance abuse. The current investment model sees founders as resources to be exploited, causing failure.

Let’s build a new reality that unlocks human potential.

Imagine a thriving world.

The pandemic spotlighted our universal need for mental wellness. Startups addressing this $400B market are surging. The revolution is now.

Masawa finances mental illness cures, mental wellness improvement, and the social determinants of mental health while working with founders to create healthy, thriving organizations.

Inner transformation enables outer change; flourishing mental health catalyzes solutions to social and environmental crises.

Evolve venture capital.

Putting humans at the center.

VC can drive fast social change. But most of its potential is untapped.

65% of startups fail from people problems. Masawa’s Nurture Capital approach focuses on organizational health and founder wellbeing, setting companies up for sustainable success.

We support purpose-driven founders solving real needs grounded in scientific evidence, fully actualizing human-centric VC.

Unity creates change.

Humans need community to thrive. Together, we make the impossible possible.  

Let’s connect, create, and build a flourishing future today.

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